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Oklahoma City Boat and Motorcycle Insurance

Protect Your Water Adventures

Few things are as perfect as spending a day out on the water. The breeze, the splashing water, the thrill of doing something different, these are the reasons people boat as an activity. But whether you are on a boat for leisure or as a professional, there is still something important to consider.

When you are enjoying your boat on the water, the last thing you want to think about is financial loss. Galen Brinson Insurance Agency boat insurance offers the freedom and peace of mind you need to enjoy your boating adventures to the fullest.

Property and liability coverage for your watercraft

An insurance policy for boat enthusiasts can cover damages to the motor trailer and your personal property, in addition to medical expenses. Customize your options for complete protection that includes both risk and liability coverage. Galen Brinson Insurance Agency experts find the best rates and are able to provide practical information regarding Oklahoma City boating insurance requirements in your area.

Extra Coverage for Your Boat

Boat insurance policies can be specifically tailored to cover the cost of extensive repairs to damages and financial protection for expenses incurred as a result of required emergency services. Contact a Galen Brinson Insurance Agency agent to learn more about the different types of watercraft that we insure.

Oklahoma City Motorcycle Insurance

It is a fact that motorcycles do not offer the same form of protection as cars and that leads to needing better coverage. Enjoy the ride and the freedom of knowing you are protected with Galen Brinson Insurance Agency insurance for your motorcycle. We offer complete coverage and tailored motorcycle insurance in Oklahoma City.

Full replacement cost coverage


Sign up for comprehensive coverage of your motorcycle that replaces the full cost of damaged parts and not the depreciated value only.

Total loss coverage


Perfect for your new purchase, Galen Brinson Insurance Agency experts offer complete coverage options that protect you financially if your motorcycle is totaled within the policy time frame.

Galen Brinson Insurance Agency offers affordable coverage for a variety of motorcycles and two or three wheeled vehicles including:

  • Factory built motorcycles
  • Custom motorcycles
  • Motor scooters
  • Mini bikes
  • Trail bikes

Contact a Galen Brinson Insurance Agency insurance specialist in Oklahoma City to find out more.