Condo Insurance

Much like the policy held by a landlord, a condominium association’s insurance policy usually provides coverage only for damages to the structure and common areas. Condominium owners can enhance their insurance protection with a personalized tailored condominium insurance policy from our agency. Your condominium insurance policy is more affordable than a traditional homeowner’s insurance policy and customized specifically to your unique requirements.

Condo owners are typically responsible for any damages within their units. A condo insurance policy can provide protection against loss of personal property as well as water damage, fire and other disasters or accidents. Consult with our expert agents for specific details and coverage options that distinguish condo owners from renters and standard homeowners insurance policies.

We’re here to help. Contact us via phone or email if you have questions or concerns about finding the right renters or condo insurance that fits your needs, lifestyle and budget. We look forward to showing you options and helping you find the right insurance policy.